Furnishing your apartment or property

Find the right service you may need for your apartment in Bulgaria, maybe you need just fitted kitchen or you just need furniture assembling or maybe just an advice how to furnish your property.

Snagging Report

Once your new property is prior to completion or completed, you’ll want to know that all is as it should be. We are offering you a simple and effective solution performing a snag report on your behalf for your property.

The Snagging reports gives you the oportunity to establish a precise and independent view of the finished property, also highlights the problems for the developer that need to be fixed, and make sure your property is finished to the standard.

The problems found in the snagging report are the developer’s obligation and we will make sure all issues are completed in time and properly finished.

Any problems we find in your snagging report will be handled effectively and handed to the Developer, that’s why we present the initial report to the developer in their native language, to avoid any confusion.

Next step after initial snagging report

Any problems found in the property are presented to you in English, making sure that even though the Developer already has a copy, both will be notify at same time.

A second snagging report will be issued 30 days after the initial one. Mean time, the developer has to fix the problems listed in the first snagging report and you will recieve an update of progress work.

You will experience no delay in delivery of your key-ready home. It is very important and imperative to get your snag report booked early before completion of your property. This gives us the opportunity of presenting the developer with the snag report prior to completion and still to be able to fix the issues easily before completion.

We’re always dedicated to this service, and you can be sure your property will be presented to you in perfect condition. If your new home is near completion dont waste time the early your snagging report is done the more chance to see your property in perfect condition there is. enquire now!

Furniture assembly

Just as the name states we Assemble and Install Furniture of the “Ready To Assemble” or “RTA” type such as those sold through IKEA. There are many shops in Bulgaria that provide furniture of this type and has very good quality and prices as well.

We provide the missing link between the furniture shop and you. Furniture Assembly Service is to create and provide “STRESS FREE” Furniture Assembly / Installation and help owners who prefer to choose their own furniture.

If this is the way you prefer to furnish your apartment, but you are not sure where to go and manage the language barrier, we are here to help you by saving time dealing with the details on your own . Usually furniture are shipped in boxes and needs to be carried out to your apartment and assembled in place, especially if you are looking for fitted Kitchen.

We can take care of it, if you provide us with the nessesary details even we can BUY the furniture for you from the shop and carry out the whole process of buying and installing the furniture.

You can benefit by choosing our services in four major ways:

1. Choose your own furniture stile

2. Always fit in your budget

3. Know exactly what you are buyng

4. You can always rely on our advice based on our expirience

We are experienced professionals and have our own tools!

If these are the major factors you are looking in a competent, friendly service provider then please contact us at: +359 (0) 894-723-505

Where do we operate?

Currently we operate in the area of Sofia and Sunny Beach

3D design

Dear customers,
presenting at your attention our new service 3D Design, directed to people seeking to put personal attitude and turn your new property in a cozy home. We can offer you full consultation and furniture design free of charge when purchasing Complete Furniture Pack services.
Most of the properties needs repair or are incomplete. However everyone has their own ideas and views on the interior, not all have the time and knowledge on how to implement them, as most are making inconsiderate decisions and costs. Here we can help with an effective solution by offer you the visual presentation of your home.
The interior design is not as expensive and almost unattainable service.
More and more people are convinced of purchasing a comprehensive package of service, perceiving it as an investment.

We will not only design your interior, but will organize the delivery of the furniture, installation and all repair or building work.

3D Design Service includes:

Kitchen, bedroom, living room and hall furniture design.
Customized implementation and design of the bathroom interior.
Decoration and home accessories.
Adjustments to water and electrical installations, lighting and sound equipment.
Quality performance of all construction Renovations.

What you need to do:
Contact us to arrange a meeting, if you prefer send us your ideas (as detailed as you can) and we’ll get back to you with a respective offer
The 3D Design will take 5 days, once you have order the Complete Furniture Pack services.
If you choose the Complete Furniture Pack Services we will deducted the value of interior design. Complete Furniture Pack means: kitchen and dining room furniture, living room and bedroom, hall and other facilities.

Why you need the interior project?
The 3D visualizations and drawings give the customer idea of how your home will look like. This allows the interior to be examined in details and corrected if the Client wishes.

Custom made furniture

The most obvious benefits of custom made furniture and cabinetry is that you don’t have to compromise when you make a decision. Since it’s not already built and sitting in a showroom, you have total control over all aspects of the design, including the size, style, wood, molding details, handles, and finish.

Many people have become disillusioned with today’s mass-produced furnishings and flat–pack approach. There has been a definite shift in perspective and people want more, including better choice and quality. This has opened up a market that is both personalised and high quality – and is still at affordable prices. Bulgarian Furniture offer a bespoke furniture design service for all sorts of projects. We help individuals and businesses create the look that’s right for them in their home of office. Whether this means building one of our existing designs to your own measurements – or creating something unique to you, we can do it. No job is too large or too small.

Our custom-made furniture is designed and built to meet the particular needs of the space you have to fill.We know that some people associate hand made furniture with being very expensive. In fact, the cost is relatively inexpensive and the end result is a unique piece that perfectly matches your requirements. Contact us now to discuss your ideas!
Our custom-made furniture service works in the following way. After you contact Bulgarian Furniture, we will find out what you require for your home. Then if required, a home visit will be made to take measurements and generate ideas. Furniture can be made to your requirements – in any shape, size, design and finish. If you wish to purchase a piece of existing furniture, in different dimensions, this will be carried out from your measurements.

Furniture Packs

If you are buying new build property after the completion of the property you will face the question how to furnish your apartment or property. Our furniture packages are very reasonably and come in various prices.
Keep in mind that there are several options when you are purchasing furniture pack. Most of the properties in Bulgaria are bought for investment purposes and renting, this mean that you don’t need top of the class furniture or something very fancy for your property.
What you need is a good quality and strong in terms of usage furniture which can be easily repaired and if needed replaced. We can promise that the furniture packages offered by us are exactly what you need. And more important they can last by the time you decide sell you property.