Furnishing your apartment or property

Find the right service you may need for your apartment in Bulgaria, maybe you need just fitted kitchen or you just need furniture assembling or maybe just an advice how to furnish your property.

Furnishing for Vitosha Park Residence Bulgaria

We have just started to furnish two apartments in “Vitosha Park” Bulgaria and soon we will update the photos form the furnished apartments here. In our initial talk with the owners of the apartments we have discussed the quality of the furniture’s and the purpose of the furniture. The two apartments in “Vitosha Park” Bulgaria are bought with investment purposes so our final decision was the make good quality furniture ready for rental and easy to maintain.

nicheAlso in these two apartments there is a niche which will be closed with sliding doors and it will be used for room where the washing machine and all sanitary materials will stay.

wardrobeIn one of the bedrooms the wardrobe will be made custom and the reason for that is – one of the walls in the bedroom is not completely flat and it has a corner caused form one of the support walls of the building and in these photo you can see how we avoid this corner and still use the full wall for the wardrobe.

New design for our shop

Hi as you can see we have switched form our old design to new one. We hope that this design will be much more eazy to use.